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Chapter 15 - Aftermath


“(Nickname)! What happened?” Mat was sceptical as Garrett, his arm around my waist and mine over his shoulder, guided me towards Basso’s bed.

“The General happened.” He sat down beside me, arm still at my side, and squeezed the hand by his face before I dropped it onto my knee.

“What? Harlan shouldn’t have-”

“Harlan wasn’t at the mansion.” Basso suddenly remembered to close his mouth as Garrett turned to look at him, then at his lap, “He was at Stonemarket Bank.”

“But I didn’t send you to Stonemarket Bank.” Basso’s tone wasn’t just suspicious, it was downright accusing.

“I know that.” Garrett hissed, then abruptly stood and walked towards the stairs, “I’m going home.”

The thief disappeared, leaving me, still slightly catatonic, to explain what happened. Something I was not in the mood for.

“Look, he pissed me off, I tried to be smart, and I paid for it, okay?” I was met with blank stares. Apparently, it wasn’t enough.


“Garrett tripped an alarm-”

“Okay, now I know your lying.”

“Can it, Basso.” Sitting down next to me, Mat placed her hand on mine, “So, Garrett tripped an alarm, and?”

“And he got frustrated.” I continued to explain the little tantrum Garrett had had, laughing now that I thought it over, and then wondering why I’d ever really gotten angry.

“Momma?” Oh, that’s why.

“Mordred! Come here, sweetie.” He did as he was told, allowing me to pull him into my lap, something I hadn’t done in a while.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, actually.” I whispered, pressing my nose into his hair. Then I realised it was three am, “What are you doing up? Again.”

“Garrett said he’d play chess, remember?” Of course he did, “I can’t find him anywhere!”

Though I wasn’t really listening to Mordred anymore. Instead, I was remembering the conversation between him and the thief before we’d left.

“Are you and momma going out?”

“Yes. We shouldn’t be long.”

“So momma’s feeling better?”

“I suppose so.”



“Will you play chess with me – when you get back?”

“Sure thing, kiddo.”


“Yeah, promise.”

To anybody else, missing a chess game didn’t sound like the end of the world, but I’d raised Mordred to learn that a promise should be kept, no matter what. So he was not going to take it well that Garrett wasn’t going to fulfil that promise.

“Garrett left a little while back sweetie.”

“But… but he promised he would.”

“I know; I’ll see if I can get him to come back.”

“Yes!” With a kiss to my cheek, he ran off, probably going to grab the chess board.

Though I knew he wouldn’t be using it.

Grabbing a match box from the side, I gripped Basso’s pen and simply wrote: ‘Remember what you promised. ~(N)’ and sent it off with his newest pet, Genevieve. I didn’t bother to ask about the name. She was gone for a long five minutes, by which time Mordred had returned, the message gone and bread crumbs stuck to her beak.

“He’ll come right?”

“Maybe, Mordred.” Another hour and Mordred had fallen asleep on Basso’s bed. Garrett still hadn’t arrived.

And that really pissed me off.

Frustrated, I stormed out of the room, through the Burrick, and up to my bedroom, grumbling all the way. After all I’d been through with that thief, after he realised my son actually liked him, a lot, he won’t play a game of chess because he was throwing a tantrum. In a fit of anger, I ripped off my shirt, a few buttons scattering across the floor into forgotten corners, and I growled as I threatened to boil over.

Then I saw my reflection.

I’d avoided looking at the mirror for a while, letting it cloud over with dust to mute the image I didn’t want to see. But now the mirror seemed to glow, begging for attention as my scar burned pink against my skin. Pacing over to it, I wiped the dust with the ruined shirt, and placed a hand at the top of my neck. I traced the scar, up and down, over and over again, trying to tell myself that it didn’t still hurt. That it couldn’t – it was too old. That I was just imagining the stinging sensation I was feeling. I was so concentrated on that, I didn’t notice Matt follow in behind me.

“You know,” I jumped, stopping under my ribcage, “You can’t let a scratch hold you forever.”

“What am I, Matilda?”

“I think you mean w-”

“No, I mean what.” Sighing, I place my palm against my waist, the scar pink under my hand, “I don’t deserve-”

“Now don’t you dare!” I stopped at the hiss, “You deserve everything, (Name), and I’m not gonna let you convince yourself otherwise.”

“Why? What makes me so special?”

“(Nickname), have you looked back on your life recently? Let’s recap: Your house burnt down at eleven, your parents with it; the person that looked after you was raped, then her and her daughter were killed when you were fifteen; you met Basso and went into stealing two years later, and then nearly three years after that you ended up with Mordred and a nasty scar to show how.” She paused, sighing, “And then you met Garrett, and I swear that was the happiest I’d seen you in a while.”

“I’m not th-”

“Yes you are. An idiot could see that you value his presence, and he yours.” She came to my side and wrapped an arm around my waist, head on my shoulder, “And then all that shit with the ghosts happened, and we lost you again.

“(Nickname), with the hand you’ve been dealt in the twenty eight years you’ve been on this earth, I can tell you that you deserve every single ace that comes your way. You’ve already found two of them.”


“Mordred, and your favourite thief who I know is the reason your shirt is missing about ten buttons, and not the reason I would expect.”


“Don’t doubt him, (Name). He can be an ass, but then so can you. You just have to learn to deal with each other.” A final squeeze, and she began to walk away, muttering something about me getting some sleep.

“Thanks Mat.”

“Yup. And, (Nickname), just tell him.”

“Tell him what?” She was already gone.


Next evening, Garrett seemed rather surprised to receive a smack as he waltzed down the stairs.


“You promised.”

“Excuse me?”

“You know what I’m talking about, Garrett.” I pointed to the chess board, still set up in the corner, then to Basso’s bed, “He was willing to stay up till dawn waiting for you. And don’t try to give me that shit of ‘I forgot’ or ‘I fell asleep’ because I know you Garrett. You don’t forget; you probably remember the first thing I ever said to you. I even sent you a message, which I damn well know you got.” I let out a sigh.

“(Nickname), I’m sorry, but-”

“But nothing!” I fell into mother mode again, shoving at him, “You can’t do that to a little boy, Garrett! Were you ever promised anything you really wanted, whether it be attention or something else, and then not given it? You realise how crushing that is for an eight year old?”


“Look, it might sound trivial to you, but he thinks of a broken promise as a sin, Garrett.” I dropped my head against his chest, sated from my outburst, “I’m not trying to guilt trip you or anything like that, but Mordred cares about you and what you think of him. Don’t hurt my baby, or your pretty face will pay for it.”

There was a long silence, then:

“How are you feeling?”

“Considering the maelstrom of emotions I went through yesterday, pretty good.” An arm looped around my shoulders, and his chin rested on the top of my head.

“About Stonemarket-”

“Garrett, no; I’m too tired for that today.”

“Humour me.” I did as I was told, “I never meant to set off that trap.”


“And I never meant for the General to be there, and-”


“And I never meant for him to hurt you, (Name), you understand that?”

“Yes, I do,” I was now wriggling against him, “but Garrett-”

“(Nickname), you’re making this even more difficult than it already is.”

“I’m not trying to be difficult.”

“Just let me apologise!”

“You have nothing to apologise for!” I lifted my head, grabbing his face in my hands, “None of that was your fault.”

“I should have been-”

“You were being chased down by guards carrying three foot swords – you weren’t exactly going to run towards them.”

“Still, I should have been there.”

“And you were. I survived.”

It ended there.

At one point, we ended up transferring to a chair, me on his lap and his arms circling me. It wasn’t the most comfortable position either of us had been in, but the scent of warm leather and oil made it seem worth it as I buried my nose into his neck, then up to his cheek.

“You’re going on a job today?” It was more of a statement than a question.

“If Basso ever shows his face.” I hummed, nose up by his now, “(Name).”


“You are very distracting.”

“What could I be distracting you from, the nice scenery?”

“You underestimate the beauty of the Basso abode.” Giggling, I pulled my face away to look into the mismatched eyes. I swear, every time I see them, they get a little brighter.

“Though it doesn’t compare to me, obviously.”

“Quite.” He chuckled, pulling me closer into his arms, my nose touching his once more.

I wanted to say something, and I knew he did too, but neither of us could seem to find the right words. Every time I thought I was going to say the right thing, the words died on my tongue. So I did the one thing I knew how to do right.

I used touch to show him what I meant.

My hands came to meet at the nape of his neck as I pushed my lips forward, brushing against his. He accepted, wrapping me tighter and tighter into his embrace, until I was sure my lungs would burst and my ribs had cracked. Though I knew this was his, somewhat brutal, way of saying ‘I understand.’

And I really hoped he did.

“That’s gross.” Garrett smirked, and pulled away, eyeing Mordred.

“How so?”

“It’s like that time when Mat kissed my cheek, and there was all spit on it and it was disgusting. It’s like that, but in your mouth, and blegh!”

“You’re so dramatic, Mordred.”

“He is your son.” I shushed him as he looked back at said boy, “How about that chess game. I did promise, after all.”

His face lit up like a bonfire.

“Aww, look at the Master Thief going soft.”

“No, I just want to win.”

“You’d be surprised; he’s good for an eight year old.”

“Well, I’ll win either way, even if it takes me all night.”

“Come on, Garrett!” With a brush of lips on my cheek, he took his allocated place on the other side of the board, and I prepared for a long spectator session.

Garrett didn’t go on a job that night.

Chapter 14 - Shatter me


“Garrett, I’m pretty sure the Burrick is the other way.”

“I’m well aware of that.”

“Then where in blazes are we going?” I hissed, sliding into a back alley after him.

“Taking a detour.” He muttered, scanning the wall in front of him and jumping on a box beside it, “Come on.”

Before I could move, he had scaled the wall and was waving me over. All I could do was follow after him. I dropped from the wall to find glaring white lights pointed towards the entrance of…

“Stonemarket Bank? Why am I not surprised?”        

“Sh!” I turned to look at the hard, mismatched eyes staring me down over the mask, brows furrowed.

“Don’t shush me.”

“Then be quiet.” I wasn’t given the chance to retaliate as Garrett dodged out of sight from an approaching Watchman. He stopped to lean around the corner of a plant box a few feet to my left.

“Machines don’t distract as easily as people; we should be careful.” He muttered when I caught up to him. The machine he was watching blinked at us as it passed over in our direction, and I had to duck as Garrett quickly sank back to avoid getting elbowed in the nose.

“You sure are jumpy today.” ‘Hmph was all I got back.

Once we’d crept around the machine, followed by a short climb, I hopped over the second story window and pressed my back against the bookshelf across from it. To my right, two clerks conversed in hushed voices.

“I found a scrap of paper with some numbers on it. You think it’s the vault combination?”

“It must be, I hope you didn’t just leave it anywhere.”

“Of course not! I put it in one of the lockers.”

“Which one?”

“Can’t remember. I wrote it down – it’s in my pocket.”

“You should tell Mrs. Maunders. She handles all vault security.”

“We need to find that vault.” A blunt arrow was notched in Garrett’s bow, soon flying to switch off the light. Nodding, I blinked, focusing as blue flooded over the room.

“Two staircases either side, the two clerks-”

“Two guards: one watching over the right side-”

“And the other patrolling the centre… Those swords are pretty sharp.”

“Thank you, (Nickname), for that brilliant observation.”

“Ha-ha, funny.” I whispered, skidding down the stairs and taking the lead.

  Lights and a lot of open space.


I jolted as a noise alerted me, yanking out the dagger from its hold on my leg only to find a guard snoring by the front door.

‘Thank the Maker Garrett’s upstairs, or we would have looked so stupid!’ Huffing at my Angel’s bluntness, I replaced the blade, sneaking past the chair and dropping down behind a desk. Another one of those machines hid in the corner, the occasional whirring as it moved the only way to tell it was there from this distance.

“They call them Mechanical Eyes.” Sliding in behind me, Garrett watched the machine as it shifted from left to right and back again, “Keep out of that light.”

“Sir, yes sir.” I muttered, smiling over at him.

He wasn’t impressed.

‘Grouchy.’ My subconscious crossed her arms over her chest, and my Angel giggled, ‘Like you then?’

I stumbled after the thief as he suddenly shot towards another door, right beside the mechanical eye. It stopped and hissed as I went to pass through the frame, and I stood shock still until Garrett pulled me into the next room.

“What are you doing?”

“That thing is so fast. I-”

“Which is why I told you to stay away from it!”

“Don’t yell at me!”

“Sh!” I was pulled down behind another bookcase, his arms either side of my head.

“Again with the shushin-mmph!” A hand clapped over my mouth to prevent me from saying anymore, and I had the strongest temptation to bite his finger before a mutter reached my ears.

There were more people down here.

Inwardly groaning, I glared at Garrett as he pulled away, inching around the case to another desk and set of doors behind the main barrier. From there, it was easy to get where the vaults were kept. I bit down a gasp as I noticed another guard sat right in between both doors, a nod from Garrett reassurance that I’d be fine as he picked the lock.

“Ugh, why the eyes everywhere?”

“It is a bank, (Name).”

“Well, yeah, but still.” A soft gleam captured my attention. Looking over at one of the machines, I caught sight of a lit candle behind it. It was powered by light, “Garrett, you have water arrows, don’t you?”

“Yes, why?”

“Give me your bow.”

“No!” He turned to face me, brows knitted together, “Why do you want my bow?”

“The machines are powered by candles.” His bow clicked as he pulled it out, notching a water arrow.

“Huh. Step back.” Doing as I was told, I watched as the thief quickly snuffed all three of the candles in the area. He turned to me with a smirk on his face, obviously proud of his small achievement.

“Yeah, yeah, you can shoot a few arrows.” I pulled out my old pair of lock picks and leant over a safe,

“Did you find out which locker that code is in?”

“Seven, I think.” I skidded across the room to said locker, and placed the picks in. It wasn’t long before the lock clicked, and I tucked my fingers behind the door to pull it open. In it, lay a piece of paper and a pile of coins.

“Bingo.” I muttered, picking at the paper and unravelling it. 5 8 and…

The last number was smudged into illegibility.

“Oh, for Maker’s sake!” My outburst startled Garrett, who gasped, and peeked around the corner.


“I can’t read this blasted number!” He came around to look over my shoulder at the number, breath running over my neck.

“Neither can I.” I gave up on the small piece of parchment. Shoving it into Garrett’s hand, I stepped up to where the main vault was.

“(Nickname)! Stop!”

“What?” A tile clacked as I stood on it, an arrow whizzing past and barely missing my cheek.

“Oh, crap!” Hissing reached my ears, and I turned to find Garrett up by the large Baron’s bust at the opposite side of the room, just standing from closing a trap door.


He came up beside me, shaking his head, before going to stand in front of the door of the great safe.

“There are a few things left to savour in this city, like the smell of a newly opened vault.” His fingers curled around the first dial, then the second, turning them to match the numbers on the paper.

“Let’s do a little guess work.” The guess work was useless; every number he tried on the dial did nothing to unlock the safe. I sat against the wall in frustration, before noticing a piece of parchment in the toolbox beside me. Picking it up, I sped through the information. There was a fixed dial.

“Garrett, what was the second dial on before you moved it?”

“Three, I think… why?”

“Move it back.”


“Just do it.” He did as he was told, then moved the third dial again. Something clicked as it reached two.

“Glad no one memorised this thing.” The vault pulled open, and I stepped in behind Garrett, marvelling as a chandelier overhead burst into light, “Now to make a little withdrawal from Lady Hudnall’s accounts.”

Going through the vault was almost too easy. With the mechanical eyes figured out, stealing what should have been close to unobtainable was a walk in the park. I was beginning to have a good time.

Until I found a note on one of the bookshelves.

“Garrett?” He hummed in acknowledgement, “You might want to look at this.”

At first he seemed indifferent as he flicked over the parchment, but I saw his eyes narrow slightly as he took in the information.

“Bankruptcy?” He wiped a hand over his eye, leaning against a desk, “If this were to get out to other city states-”

“We can expect war… and lose The City forever.”

“Well. No point thinking about it now; we have a job to do.” Garrett pocketed the note, and carried on.

We didn’t speak again until I knocked over an old vase.

“Oops.” Garrett didn’t seem concerned about the vase, instead fascinated by the pure gold watch lying in the shards. Among it all, lay what could only be ashes, most likely of some poor soul or another.

“Did someone plant this and hope it would grow?” I couldn’t help but laugh as he picked up the watch, smiling at his own joke, “I think we’ve wondered enough. Come on.”

It took us less than a minute to get back to the area the necklace was held. We both stood at a switch, watching each other.


“Yup.” Simultaneously, we pulled our switch down, and the hatch swung open. Garrett’s breath hitched as he caught sight of the Star of Auldale. A true thief.

“Poor old Lady Hudnall. First the fire… now me.” Only when he placed his hand on the necklace did I notice the red wire running behind the alter.

“No, Garrett, wait-” Too late. He’d grabbed the necklace, and pulled it from its stand.

Then came the alarm.

Garrett turned to me in shock, jumping at the high pitched wail.

“Don’t look at me – that was all you.” Scowling, he turned back, storming off to the entrance of the vault, “Seriously, Garrett, what happened to checking for traps?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, mother.” I stopped. He was actually throwing a hissy fit on me.

“What is with you today? I don’t really like your attitude.”

“I don’t have an attitude!”

“So help me, Garrett: you are having this argument with the mother of an unruly eight year old boy, you are not going to win!” Then he really set me off.

He growled.

“Did. You. Just. Growl. At me?” He ignored me, stepping through the vault door to the main hall. I followed after him; either I go with him or stay here and die, right? We stuck to the shadows, on opposite sides of the room, as guards searched around. In my spite, I whistled, high and loud, alerting three guards by my right.

“Hey!” I rose a hand, pointing at Garrett by the bookshelves. Their jaws all dropped in shock, “It’s him!”

“Get him!” The guards ran right past me, and I gave the thief a satisfactory smile as I waltzed away, out the door we’d come. A sweaty palm clapped over my mouth, a thick arm wrapping around my waist. Gasping, I kicked and scrabbled until I was thrust against a wall, looking up into brown eyes, just like my hallucination.

But it wasn’t a hallucination.

It was him.

“Oh, hello.” My arms were raised above my head, his fingers wrapping around my wrists, “So this is the Rat King’s Queen, hmm?”

I couldn’t answer, instead attempting to pull my hands away from his, and failing miserably.

Let her go, Harlan!” I flinched at the voice, Garrett’s tone sending shivers through me – I doubt even Basso has heard him like that.

“Ah, here’s the man I was looking for.” He pulled at my waist again, and I was suddenly back in the alley.

“No! Let me go!” The General froze, then shoved me back against his chest.

“Is this who I think it is?” My hood was pulled down, my head butted to the right, exposing my neck. A stubby finger traced over the scar, “It is!”

His laugh frightened me more than Garrett’s tone ever could, his lips tracing my ear.

“I remember you.” Whimpering, I shut my eyes, a click registering past the General’s chuckle, “Really, Garrett, there’s no need for violence.”

“Then let her go.”

“Now that I’ve found my doll? No. I was going to come back for you, keep you with me.” The buttons on my shirt popped as he opened them, one by one, “But you were gone.”

By now, Garrett had out a saw tooth arrow, aimed directly at Harlan’s head.

“(Nickname), just say the word.”

“You don’t have the balls.” Sniggering, the General leaned over, placing a kiss on my scar.

I could only manage a sob of Garrett’s name, but it seemed enough for him.

“Agh!” Harlan cried out as the arrow pierced his hand, pulling away from me. I didn’t have to be told to duck, sinking to the floor and throwing my hands over my head. I smelt gas as another arrow erupted above, Harlan sputtering and staggering.

“(Nickname)! (Name), come on!” I winced as my arm was grabbed, crying out and pushing away from who I knew was obviously Garrett. There was a second of hesitation, before he spoke again.

“(Name), we both have five seconds to get out of here, or we’re going to die.” Nodding, I let him drag me out of the bank, through the courtyard and over the wall, trying to regulate my breathing and contain myself.

Nothing worked.

Whenever Garrett tried to hold me, I’d thrust up my arms and struggle until he let go again. Soon, I ended up sliding down against the wall opposite the bank, crying into my arms. A hand was placed gently on my shin, Garrett’s soothing voice quiet by my ear.

“It’s okay, (Nickname). He’s gone. He can’t hurt you.”

It wasn’t okay. I wasn’t okay, no matter how many times Garrett would tell me.

I wasn’t going to be okay.

Not for a long time.
Garrett x Reader - Under Lock and Key
Okay, funny story. I've written two chapters and forgot to upload them here!
Yeah... sorry.Satone Embarrassed Icon 

Chapter 13 - Smile


“We could use this. I guess you were right, she’s weaker than I thought.”

Over the past three weeks, that line had run through my head every time I let my thoughts roam. Erin had stayed true to her word; whenever she could, I was reminded of that day. Every time I saw my scar in the mirror, when something made me jump, even when Mordred randomly grabbed my hand. I knew I was pulling away from everyone, and I also knew they were worried about it. After the first week, my appetite began to dissipate. By the end of the second week, I had lost interest in anything and everything – not even stealing could spike a reaction any more. Usually, I just lay in bed, either staring at the ceiling or huddled under the blanket.

That was how Basso found me in his office.

“Come on (Nickname), you need to eat something.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You haven’t eaten in nearly two days.”

“I’m fine.” There was a thud as Basso slammed the tray of whatever food he had on his desk, and he huffed in exasperation.

“Fine, fine, starve. See if I care.” His footfalls grew quieter as he stomped up the stairs, and I was left in silence for a little while.

“(Name)?” I jumped, not realising I’d fallen asleep. I shuffled away as a hand curled under the cover, pulling it off of my head. Garrett’s expression of concern only made me shuffle further, “Basso says you’re not eating.”

“I’m not hungry.” I repeated, tugging the quilt from his fingers to hide again, but my voice shook. I wasn’t sure if Erin was doing it on purpose, but I always got especially skittish around Garrett, his touch enough to send me into hysterics. I didn’t have to ask to know he hated it as much as I did.

“Hungry or not, you have to eat something.”

“No I don’t.”

“(Name).” He hissed. I shivered; it only scared me more when I made him angry. Mat told me he never meant it, but it still hurt, “You’re half the size you were when we met.”

“You’re exaggerating.” I whispered, curling myself in closer as the bed shifted with his weight.

“I’m not. If you lose any more weight I’m sure Mordred will be able to push you over with two fingers.” Despite that sounding like an obvious joke, his voice held no humour. He really was serious. Crying out as something grabbed at my arm, I shot up, the cover falling off my head as I pulled my arm away. Garrett sat at the edge of the bed, hand outstretched and his face void of emotion. Only the slight lift in his eyebrows showed he felt anything towards my reaction at all. I looked down, unable to keep my gaze on his and hold in my tears – I’d cried a lot in the past three weeks.

“What’s gotten into you?” His voice was soft, a striking change to the anger in it minutes ago. I sniffed, “(Nickname), please.”

“I don’t know.” The image of my hands on my knees faded as tears welled, and I closed my eyes to be rid of them. Something wrapped around my torso, hesitant, barely there. Opening my eyes again, I was met with an identical pair of black bracers, fingerless gloves spreading over my stomach. Thankfully, I managed to relax in the embrace, resting my head against the thief’s shoulder.

“Please eat something.” Garrett muttered, lips against my forehead.

“I don’t-”

“(Nickname).” He warned.

“Hmm. Where’s that stew Basso said he got for you?”

“On his desk, I think.” Waving my arm towards the desk, I curled a little further into myself as he pulled away - the instant loss of his warmth sent unwanted shivers over my skin, though not because of the cold. It didn’t take long before he had sat back down, the bowl in his hands.

“Now, don’t make me have to feed you.” He groaned. I wasn’t sure whether to giggle or flinch as he placed the bowl in my lap, watching expectantly.

Suddenly, stew seemed to be my least favourite food.

Sitting still for a while, I stared down at the food, unable to bring my hand up to grab the spoon.

“(Nickname)?” I recoiled from the unexpectedly close voice, but the hand on my shoulder stopped me from going too far, “Is everything okay?”

How am I supposed to respond to that? No, it’s not, your apprentice is trying to kill me. Brilliant, (Name). Letting out a shaky sigh, I gripped the spoon and forced myself to eat. I blanched when the food ran down my throat, my body wanting to refuse it as the blandness carried across my taste buds.

“Ew.” Garrett chuckled behind me, and leant towards my ear.

“Here’s a deal:” He muttered, “You eat at least half of that and I’ll get you something sweet.” I perked up at the word ‘sweet’, and looked from the stew to Garrett.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” His chuckle turned to a laugh. Grinning, he stood up, ruffling my hair as one would a child.

“You have to eat it, though.” Walking to the door of Basso’s room, he turned at the foot of the stairs, “Promise?”


‘Oh, stop smirking, (Name).’ The corners of my lips twitched and fell as I realised I actually was smiling.

‘Leave her alone, you meanie, she hasn’t smiled in years!’ Twisting around giddily, my Angel looked wistfully to the door.

‘It’s been three weeks.’

‘Which is just as long!’ I sniggered at my Angel’s naivety, and looked back to the forgotten bowl on my lap. Raising the spoon to my lips again, I swallowed another mouthful of stew, repeating the process as quickly as possible to repress the shivers in my spine.

“Wow. Basso’s gonna be pissed.” Flicking my gaze up to the door, I saw Ed’s fiery hair peek around the corner, grin ever present, “What did he bribe you with?”

“He didn’t bribe me!” I protested, subconsciously biting my tongue.

“You bite your tongue when you’re lying.” Dammit.

“He promised to get me sweets if I ate half of it.” Instead of running off to tell Basso, his grin just fell slightly.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” I almost spat out the stew I’d just shovelled into my mouth. Swallowing, I took a deep breath, and did something I hadn’t done in a while.

I laughed.

And not just a little breathy giggle that you do when someone tells a mildly funny joke; no, I actually laughed, snorts and all.

“I don’t know what Basso put in that stew, but I want some.” I laughed harder, doubling over the bowl as I huffed for air, “Garrett, have you heard this?”

“You can hear it from the clock tower.” A smooth voice replied. Looking up through watery eyes, I grinned as the dark figure came closer, “As promised.” The bowl was taken from my hands, in its place a small brown bag. My laughter ceased as I looked down at the bag, opening it to find a small, square jar. Gasping, I eagerly pulled the jar out, marvelling at the round yellow candies within.

Edward choked, “How in the Hell did you find fizzy lemons in The City?”

“I have my ways.” Another laugh escaped my throat, and I dropped the jar on the bed, throwing my arms around Garrett’s neck.

“Oh my Gods I love you so much!” He froze as I grabbed him, before relaxing and curling his arms under mine.

“They’re just sweets, (Nickname).”

“No. These ‘just sweets’ are my favourite sweet ever.”

“(Nickname), calm down, you’re twenty eight.” Mat tittered, coming down the stairs with Basso behind her. Basso looked down at the bowl, which had been replaced on his desk.
“Oh I see how it is.” He muttered, feigning annoyance. I just smiled at him.

“You’re twenty eight?” I pulled away from Garrett’s shoulder to look at his face, slightly humoured by the surprise laced on it.

“What, you think I look older?” Pause.


Ed burst into laughter, “Did you see that?! He shit himself!” Curling in on himself, Ed’s laughter rang through the room, putting mine to shame. I beamed at Garrett as he coughed, looking away.

“Alright Ed, that’s enough.”

“It is not!” By now, Basso had joined in with Ed’s fit of snickering, and Mat shoved the two of them up the steps.

“Come on boys, let’s get you sorted.” Winking at me as I looked her way, she disappeared through the doorway.

“Do I really look older than twenty eight?”

“No, I just wasn’t sure how old you were.”

“Alright, well how old did you think I was?” I asked, reaching behind me to find the forgotten jar of sweets, though it proved difficult with the thief’s arms still around me. Garrett flicked his gaze back up to me, eyebrows raised in hesitance.

“Don’t make me answer that.” Giggling, I popped open the jar, picking up a candy with two fingers.

“Ah.” I muttered, opening my mouth as I held the candy in front of Garrett’s lips. He just raised an eyebrow at me.

“Ah.” I repeated. His lips curled as I pressed the lemon against them, “Dammit Garrett I will get you to eat this if it’s the last thing I do.”

Chuckling, his lips parted, allowing me to drop the sweet past his teeth. I popped one into my own mouth, savouring the outer layer of lemon while it fizzed on my tongue.

“How did you manage to de-age twenty years in two hours?”
“Candy is how.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”
“You don’t make any sense.”

“You know, Ed was right: Basso definitely put something in that stew.” Shaking his head, Garrett pulled me closer, twisting his arms further around my waist. I snickered as I was tugged nearer, almost uncomfortably so, but my smile fell as I caught his eyes.

His lips were on mine before I realised he had even moved.

White hot primal shot through my head, searing my eyes and frying my brain. Nonetheless, I kept my mouth on his, wrapping my arms tight around his neck and digging my fingers into his hair, terrified of letting go. Right now, Garrett was the cause of and the restraint to my insanity, and if he’d just stuck to his ‘I work alone’ mantra, I would have been a goner by this point. I coiled my fingers further through his hair as he pulled back, not quite ready to lose his warmth after three weeks of shying away from it. Grunting, he dragged his hands from my waist, and tugged at my wrists, pulling them loose from his curls. His brows were furrowed when I opened my eyes, though his eyes held an emotion almost too gentle for his harsh, stoic personality.

“I haven’t seen you smile in almost a month.”

“The ghosts are being nice to me, I guess.” Despite shrinking away from everyone, I had become almost comfortable with the ghosts whizzing around my head – as if my Angel and subconscious didn’t do that enough – so they were an easy topic to bring up. Erin was another story, “Are you going on a job today?”

“A few, why?”

“Can I come?”

“(Nickname), I-”

“I’ll be okay, I promise. I’ve eaten…”

“Once in forty-eight hours.”

“… I have slow metabolism.” He sighed, rubbing a tired hand over his eye.

“Something tells me you’ll follow me if I say no anyway.”

“You know me so well.” I sang, hopping off the bed and sprinting to the door to change.

“Almost too well.” He muttered after me.

Why isn’t it working anymore?

Maybe she got over it.”

It’s been nine years and she didn’t get over it, why would she in three weeks?”

She might be bored of us.”
I’m getting bored of you both, now shut up.” Erin hissed. I froze halfway through pulling my shirt over my head, “Why isn’t it working anymore, (Name)?”

“I guess I just don’t care anymore,” I replied, trying not to snap, “I’ve got more important things to worry about.”

Like your friend and his ugly kissy faces?” The first ghost piped, imitating a childish kissing noise.

You couldn’t think of anything better?” Shaking my head, I blocked out the voices, finished changing and sprang down the stairs, ready to leave.

‘Ugh, they’re so annoying.’ My Angel pouted, crossing her arms in a huff.

‘Only as annoying as you.’ My subconscious retorted. I blocked them out too, smiling as I hopped down into Basso’s room.

“You ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.”
Garrett x Reader - Under Lock and Key
Bit of crack and happiness.
Because I'm a terrible writer who can't deal with my babies being sad, that's why.

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Chapter 12 - Scars


“Thief!” The woman cried, but instead of them both waiting for the guards to show up (like we had expected them to) her lover started advancing towards us, hate burning in his eyes.
And he was coming right for me.
“I know.” I groaned, stepping back cautiously as he stepped towards the dresser I’d been searching, and pulled out the riding crop, “Oh, if that’s where you’re going, I’m not really into that kind of thing.”
“Shut up!” He snapped, voice low and gravely. He raised his arm above his head, and I ducked as he swung the riding crop at me, hood falling as I spun to run to the window Garrett had worked on opening. I was pulled back when the lover grabbed my ponytail. Gasping, I was pressed with my back to him, barely an inch of space between us, as he grabbed at the dagger on my thigh and pressed it to my neck. Instantly, Garrett pulled out his bow.
“Ah-” The lover spoke, voice filling the room, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” To prove his point, he pushed the dagger closer, and I tried not to move as it cut my skin. Garrett didn’t flinch.
“You better let her go.” He replied, voice level.
The lover laughed, “Or what?”
“I’ll shoot.”
“No you won’t.” Garrett adjusted his bow, as if attempting to prove him wrong, “See, I know you, Master Thief. And I also know you don’t kill. Me, however.” His head sunk down to my shoulder, the tip of his nose nuzzling my ear, “I live for it.” I shivered, jerking my head away from him, and stopping short as the blade at my throat dug deeper.
“I kill to protect my own.”
“Oh, so that’s what the bond is between The Master Thief and his little shadow.” His rancid breath was hot against my neck as he laughed, and I forced myself not to move any further, “This makes things interesting.”
“Don’t touch me.” I hissed, as his hand moved from my arm to my waist, fingers spread across my stomach.
“You’re not really in the position to make that order, shadow.” His lips moved close to my ear, and to stop myself from either scooting away or elbowing him, I kept my eyes locked on Garrett’s, whose arms were still holding the bow up, “Well, thief, what are you going to do?”
Garrett just smiled.
“Simple. You take mine…” He moved around so the bow was no longer aiming at me, but the woman, who had stood forgotten by the door, “I take yours.”
“You wouldn’t.” Garrett didn’t move; instead turning his head to look the lover in the eye.
And then he fired.
A shriek ran through the room, and I almost sagged in relief as I realised Garrett hadn’t killed the woman, but instead skimmed over her head. Thankfully, it was a good enough shot, because the lover turned around in surprise, giving me an opening to elbow his gut and step away. I scooped the dagger from the floor as the lover dropped it, and followed Garrett, who was already running for the window. Down on the floor, the thief pushed Ursula’s shoulder (who was still waiting under the window) to say ‘get moving’, and the three of us sprinted through a conveniently placed back gate, not stopping until we stumbled down the steps to Basso’s room. I fell on Garrett’s arm as he bent double, both of us gulping in air. By the time I’d caught some of my breath back, my throat burned and I felt ready to cough up my lungs.
“Woah, woah, what happened to you?” The two of us just looked at him, neither of us able to respond as we fought for air. Ed and Mat pulled up some chairs, and I had to force Garrett down with my shoulders as he attempted to wave them away. He was thankfully the first to catch his breath.
“We-” He gulped, “We got caught.”
“You what?”
“Easy, Basso.” I panted, hand up, “We still got the mask.”
“Well, never mind that.” Mat spoke, pointing behind us, “Who’s she?” Turning in the chair, I found Ursula was still following the two of us, and was presently leant against the wall beside the door.
“Oh Gods, why are you here?” Instead of answering me, Ursula stepped behind Garrett’s chair and rested her hands on his shoulders. Still breathless and distracted, Garrett almost jumped out of his skin.
“Oh, poor Garrett, they didn’t hurt you did they?” Her hands slipped from his shoulders to his chest, and she rested her cheek atop his head, giving her a perfect view of my unamused face. Ed was looking between the two of us, a grin spreading across his face as a cat fight broke out in his head. I just raised a brow at her.
“I’m fine.” Garrett muttered, exasperated. He wiped a hand over his forehead, before he seemed to remember something, and abruptly stood. He didn’t seem to care that Ursula had still been clinging to him, or that his sudden burst had sent her sprawling back into Basso’s desk. I couldn’t contain a smile.
“But you’re not.” The thief knelt in front of me, and he pushed past my hands as I tried to wave him off, turning my head to see my neck.
“Garrett, it’s barely a scratch, I’m not gonna die.” I only got a look in return.
“I’m just checking.” He muttered, halfway through rolling his eyes before he noticed something, “What’s..?”
My head was turned to the other side as his finger moved to trace the line from my jaw down to the neckline of my shirt, and I closed my eyes and sighed in defeat.
“I was hoping you’d never notice that.”
“Why?” I couldn’t answer him. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to; it was that every time I opened my mouth nothing would happen. For the third time, I shut my mouth, the world seeming to darken around me. I stood, only whispering a little ‘I’m sorry’ before I turned with the ambition to go to my room and forget.
That didn’t happen.
“(Nickname), wait.” Garrett’s voice followed me, as did his steps.
“Garrett I wouldn’t-” Basso was cut off as a hand gripped my waist, shoving me into the wall beside the door. I gasped as the wind was knocked out of me, and I looked up in fear.
         Into the eyes of the Thief-Taker General.
“Come here you,” he almost sang, “how about we have a little fun?”
“No, please!” I yelped, trying to wriggle away and flailing my arms. His hands flew from my waist to grab my wrists, gripping them together in one large fist and holding them above my head, “let me go!”
“Not happening, sweetheart.” He laughed, his rancid breath tickling my cheek. His head moved from my ear to my neck, and I cringed as his lips pressed harshly against it.
“No, stop! Don’t touch me!” My cries were in vain, as his hand that wasn’t holding my wrists wandered down to my hip, thumb playing with the waistband of my trousers.
“You know, I could have you hanged for theft. Think of this as me doing you a favour.” He rumbled against my shoulder. He went still, besides his lips moving against my pulse, before my trousers were suddenly pulled down. I gasped as they dropped and pooled near my ankles.
“Jefferson, Gregs! Tie her down.” I was tugged from my spot against the wall, almost tripping over my discarded trousers, and thrust to my hands and knees. Before I had time to move, my hands were pulled out from under my head. I looked up to find an old, stubby man binding my wrists, a younger one beside him holding my elbows together. He only seemed about my age. As I shuffled forward, he caught my eye, his holding some form of pity and sorrow.
“Help me.” I whimpered. His face faltered and his grip slackened, before his companion finished knotting my ties, and he looked away, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed. That was the last I saw before my vision blurred, searing pain running through me.
         I screamed, violently trying to pull my hands from the bindings, failing to feel the warmth of what was actually a pair of hands on my wrists.
“(Nickname)! (Nickname), look at me, it’s Garrett. (Nickname) please!” I looked up to see Garrett holding my arms just under his chin, eyes wide and disconcerting. I knew it was Garrett; I could see him before me, could watch his lips form the words I heard, but the General’s voice taunted me. His laugh drilled into my ears, tugging me further from reality and back into that nightmare I had tried so hard to avoid for so long. What I now recognise as Garrett’s bow glinted in the lamplight, but all I saw was the flicker of a knife, and I was suddenly on my back, shoulders bare against the cold floor.
         “I don’t think bruises are enough. Maybe I should mark you in a more... permanent manner.” The General tormented, waving the knife almost provocatively in front of my face. I could only shake my head frantically, unable to speak past the sobs as a fresh wave of pain ran over me every half second.
“Oh I think I should. How about it, Gregs?”
“Personally, I think it’d be a shame to let her go, considering what she’s done, without a bit of bloodshed sir.”
“My thoughts exactly.” The knife came to the left side of my face, the tip digging under my jaw. I tried not to wince as the skin broke, stinging as blood fell from the cut; coupled with the pain in my stomach and... other places, it proved rather difficult, “I think we should give you a nice big scar. One that you can’t avoid, hm?” He laughed again as the knife moved down. Jolting every so often with the rocking of my body against the floor, the stinging sensation spread down my neck, across my chest and down the plain of my stomach before flicking off to the right where our hips met. My vision blurred again at the sight of red, not sure if it was my queasiness or the fresh wave of tears that fell down my cheeks. I shut my eyes as he stilled, a sob breaking through as I released the breath I hadn’t realised I was holding.
         “(Name), sweetie. It’s okay, he’s not here.” I opened my eyes to see mat hovering nervously before me, hands on my shoulders.
“Mat...” I whispered, voice hoarse. It seemed enough for her, because she pushed forward, her arms moving under mine, and I was pulled into a hug.
The comforting gesture made me burst into tears again.
“It’s alright, baby; he can’t hurt you.” She whispered into my neck, the side without the scar, as her hand rubbed soothing circles into my back. I was faintly aware of conversation outside, one voice confused and the other aggravated. Over my cries, I couldn’t clearly tell what they were saying, but I heard snippets of the conversation float through the window.
“... happened, Basso?”
“She... panic attack... once before... week after she...”
“Couple brought her... Auldale... found her crying, clothes ripped up... bleeding.”
Another voice cut over the two: “Guys, she’s back.” Edward.
“Oh thank god.” Something stumbled down the steps, and Basso swung around the doorway, eyes furrowed, “You alright, kid?”
“I-I don’t...” With the help of Mat, I pulled myself up from the floor, leaning on Basso’s desk.
“What was that?” The cheery voice of the first ghost rang through my head.
“I don’t know, but it’s useful.”
“Hmm.” Erin’s voice came next, a tone between thoughtful and sinister in it, “We could use this. I guess you were right, she’s weaker than we thought.”
I almost yelled aloud in protest, instead jamming my hands over my ears to try and stop the voices, though I knew it wouldn’t work.
I wasn’t weak. I could stop this. If not for me, for Basso, for Mat, for Ed. Hell, for Garrett.

For Mordred.
Garrett x Reader - Under Lock and Key
Just wanted you guys to know I have tagged this as 'ideologically sensitive' because there is rape quite bluntly implied throughout the extract and I don't want to trigger anything.
Watch yourselves, darlings.

Chapter 11 - Ursula


After I had finally calmed down, and convinced Garrett to at least let me take a look at his leg, it became a very slow afternoon. As I’d suspected, Garrett’s leg looked terrible: the crossbow bolt that he’d been hit with had broken off, but I managed to pull the rest of it out with little worry of leaving splinters behind. Honestly, I was surprised infection hadn’t set in by that time.
“You know, you’re lucky we don’t have to chop this off.”
Garrett faked a laugh, “That’s funny.”
“I’m dead serious.” I replied, looking up from my spot in front of his chair. One of his brows furrowed, and he kept his gaze on me for a while, until he seemed to find whatever he was looking for and raised his brows in a ‘fair enough’ expression. Going back to what I was doing, I finished wrapping the gauze around his calf, and brought out my small pocket knife to cut away the left over bandages. All the wrapping almost came undone as Garrett flinched away from the knife, and I almost fell onto my stomach as I followed him so as to not let go of the cotton.
“Hey! I’m not gonna cut you, calm down.” I yelped, as the thief stared sceptically at me. I smiled slightly, “Looks like my threat to cut it off spooked you.”
“Hmm.” Was all I got. I stood up when I had stuck down the gauze. I waited for Garrett to pull the trouser leg down, and put his boot back on, before I reached out to help him up.
“Well, let’s get you on your feet.” He looked at me, and shook his head, but took my hand all the same. Basso chose then to return to the room, as usual a tankard in hand.
“You both certainly look better.” There was something in his voice that screamed ‘I know something I shouldn’t’ and the both of us watched him as his face contorted into a smirk, “I knew it wouldn’t take long for you two to get close.”
“Oh, don’t start, Basso.” I sighed, exasperated, as I raked a hand through my hair, Garrett just giving him a look that meant ‘really?’
It wasn’t enough.
“No, I will. For starters, the bartender owes me twenty gold and-”
“You were taking bets?” He stopped short as he realised what he’d said, and he paled at the sight of Garrett and myself giving him a look cold enough to kill.
“Well, I don’t know about bets, but…”
“Basso, you have ten seconds to explain yourself.” The thief spoke up for the first time, lips drawn in a thin line as he stared down our fence.
“N-now listen, Garrett.”
“Nine.” Basso fled. I laughed.
“You sure know how to frighten him.”
“Twenty years of experience.” He chuckled, eyes catching mine. For a brief moment, I gave into the little cries from my Angel to lean in. I don’t know if Garrett was surprised, because if he was he didn't show it, but soon the two of us were so close I could feel his breath pass my cheek.
“Oh and I also have a new job fo- bad time?”
“Dammit, Basso!”


About a half hour later we were back in Auldale, scanning the mansion belonging to Madam Beaumont. It was definitely smaller than Lady Grey’s, but held the same aura of dignity about it.
Hopefully there’d be no annoying teenage girls to seduce the Master Thief today.
It was simple enough to get in: a little hidden door in the side of a greenhouse. I actually reached out to pick one of the many tomatoes on the potted stems, but a look from Garrett stilled me. Pouting, I followed like an obedient pet as we moved through a tunnel beneath the house.
“But they wouldn't have noticed if just one went missing.”
“I'm not having this conversation, (Name).” Even though it was meant to be a scold, I could hear the curl of his lips even with his back turned to me.
“Naw, you love me really.”
“You’re gonna get us killed if you don’t quit yapping like a dog.”
“Woof woof.” I muttered, trying hard to keep Garrett from hearing.
Whatever I tried obviously didn't work.
“Oh? We’re playing that game?” Garrett’s voice took on a playful tone, and in any other situation I would have laughed at how misleading he sounded. But as he forced me to a wall, lips moving to my ear, all I could do was shudder as he whispered: “I can certainly play that game.”
“Oh, I’d love to play!” It wasn’t my voice that rang out through the corridor, and the thief and I turned our heads to see none other than Ursula Grey about fifteen feet away from us, dressed in skin tight black leather, including thigh-high heeled boots.
“What are you doing here?” Garrett seemed more confused than anything, apparently not the slightest bit agitated she’d interrupted – I certainly was. ‘Stop it, (Name). You’re being immature.’ My subconscious hissed, with my Angel whining in the background that ‘it’s just not fair!’
“I followed you.” She sang, eyes glittering at her ‘achievement’.
“I gathered that, but why?”
“Well, I wanted to spend time with my favourite thief.”
“I really am flattered,” I cut in, smirk ready, “but as you can see I’m a little busy at the moment.” I only got a glare.
“Yes I see. Are we actually going to steal anything tonight or are you going to play dirty in this tunnel?” I rolled my eyes as Garrett stepped away from me. Damn her, “What are we stealing anyway?”
“We’re stealing a mask. You’re going home.” Garrett replied, poking a finger at her as he spoke.
“Oh but you’re wrong; see, if you don’t take me with you I’ll call for the guards.”
“Love, you realise that would get you killed too?” I muttered, irritation setting in, “You’re trespassing on private property, and you’re dressed enough like a thief to be a pretty convincing one, albeit a dull one.” I whispered the last part, and apparently she didn’t hear. Garrett did, for the corner of his lip twitched slightly.
“At least I’d get to spend time with my Garrett in jail.” …Honestly? Embittered, I placed my hand over my face, rubbing it over my nose and down my cheek as I groaned. I wasn’t even going to bother gracing that with a response.
“Go home Ursula.”
“Hm, no.”
“Then at least keep your mouth shut, you’ll get us all caught.” ‘And you lower the IQ of the whole street.’ My Angel grunted bitterly, my subconscious suppressing a laugh as she huffed and crossed her arms.
“Can I walk with Garrett?”
“As long as you promise not to touch me.” The thief butted in, wriggling away from the grip she had on his arm.
“Okay!” She cried, skipping ahead of me. Sighing, I turned back to Garrett, who shrugged as he wrapped an arm around my waist to pull me closer.
“Let’s just get this over with; with any luck she’ll get herself caught.”
“That’s cruel, Garrett.”
“At least I didn’t insult her attire.”
“Oh Gods, look at her boots, though.”
“And here we go.” He chuckled, following Ursula to make sure she didn’t set off some kind of trap as she turned the corner.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I mumbled, starting off after them.
It didn’t take long to find the room we were looking for – it had a plaque on it that literally said ‘Trophy Room’. Subtle. Inside, the room was lined wall to wall with glass cupboards, showing off trophy cups, medals and every other award for Gods know what. The floorboards, though hidden very well, were obviously laden with traps: tripwires, pressure pads, the like. Directly opposite from the door, stood a large, ornately carved desk, on it a crystal box holding only one object.
The Beaumont Mask.
The mask had been passed down for generations, and no one was particularly sure when it was crafted. They only knew it was worth a lot. It almost seemed to glitter as the beams from the tiny spotlight in the front of the box bounced off it, and the three petite peacock feathers seemed to glow a majestic kingfisher green in the dull light of the room. It would be a shame for Madam Beaumont to wake up the next morning to find the family’s prize possession gone. Oh well.
It was pretty easy to nab the mask: I kept Ursula away from anything that could have set off some sort of alarm or trap, while Garrett concentrated on picking the lock of the case, gently tapping around the base just to make sure the pedestal it sat on wasn’t trapped itself.
“Well, we might as well explore a little while we’re here.” Garrett whispered, as the three of us left the room. I nodded, as Ursula attentively followed the thief. She had been oddly quiet recently.
The next room we wondered into looked like any other normal bedroom, but upon closer inspection became a violent playroom for all manner of things I wouldn’t like to mention. Opening a draw, I picked up a leather clad, firmed bar.
“Looks like someone has a riding crop fetish.” I spoke, turning my head to slyly look Garrett up and down as he passed, “Smack that ass from five feet away.” I laughed, flicking out the crop to catch just under the small of his back, and snorting as he yelped and jumped away. As he turned back to look wide eyed at me, I heard Ursula mutter a small ‘Childish’ from the other end of the room. ‘Says the child.’ My subconscious snapped, though I felt her irritation was more towards me than to Ursula. Quietly, I put the crop back in its place, and turned to see her fingering one of the straps at the edge of the bed.
“You ever been tied to a bed, Garrett?” The thief shivered at the question, but didn’t turn back to look at her, instead continuing to search another dresser in the right corner of the room.
“It’s not an experience I’d be particularly fond of, so no.”
“It’s fun.” I cringed at the tone of her voice, and was about to reply with a quick ‘You really shouldn't know that’ when I was interrupted by two pairs of feet careening through the hallway.
“Shh.” Ursula quietened as we all stood shock still, praying that the footfalls would pass. Our prayers were in vain. A pair stumbled through the door, and if it hadn't let so much light in, I’d say they were too invested in each other to notice us.
Apparently not.
The smaller of the two, a young woman only slightly curvier than Ursula, turned her head with a gasp as the five of us – her companion included – stood frozen for a few more seconds. Then, the woman opened her mouth to suck in a gulp of air.


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